Nina J. (Finland)

My experience with Daniela was very positive and I am grateful and happy that I had time to meet her. I feel like this experience showed me how it is to help someone in a wheelchair and how well it went even though I was starting without no experience of that kind of work.

Olufemi B. (Nigeria)

Daniela is a very kind and nice person, very polite and understanding. I am satisfied with the way of our cooperation. I can recommend anyone to work as an assistant with Daniela. It will be a very good decision that anyone can make to help other people.

Raluca D. (Romania)

Daniela is really patient and polite and it is very easy to work with her. She is always making sure that you are ok with the tasks and it feels more like a collaboration. If I would be still in Prague, I wouldn’t end my shifts with her. It’s a great thing that you can choose how much you want to work and be so flexible! If it would be possible, I would have this kind of flexibility in jobs all my life… It’s really like a dream-job!

Ramgopal B. (Bangladesh)

It was such a great experience and opportunity of mine to assist Daniela. I had passed a great time with her and it was always great to discuss about culture, food, religion and so many things. I enjoyed every single moments with her.

Tomás E. (Argentina)

I enjoyed all the time I spent with Dani. Sometimes, because of my cultural and life background, life was really hard for me in the Czech Republic. But I found a really nice person to talk to and a honest listener for my thoughts in Dani.

Vianata R. (Mexico)

If you are a person curious to discover new things, learn about the challenges of a disability and have the opportunity to share some of your free time in a useful way, I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and dare to try. I promise you won’t regret it.