Mahboob A. (Pakistan)

I study at University of Tartu, Estonia, and I came for one semester to Charles University. I found information about Daniela somewhere on the flyer in the dorm. She ran a campaign to advertise her need for assistance. I read that poster and got interested to join her.

Manuel V. (Belgium + Italy)

I have been living in the Czech Republic for about 3 years and I have been one of Daniela’s assistants for the lenght of 5-6 months (starting from January 2018).

Marija L. (Croatia)

It was coincidence that Daniela and I met: I accidentally saw her ad on the Internet.

Maria P. (Russia)

Jmenuji se Maria Panas a jsem zahraniční studentka z Ruska. Už tady žiju dva roky a teď jsem ve druháku oboru fyzioterapie. Inzerát jsem uviděla ve škole a ihned mě to zaujalo. Přemýšlela jsem zkusit si něco podobného.

Mathilde H. (Demark)

At the time I was working with Daniela I was living in Hostivar dormitory and studying at Charles University in Prague for one semester. When I saw the job flyer in the lobby i decided to give her a call because I thought it would be a good way to get to know Czech people and culture a little better.

Nasiru S. (Sierra Leone)

I am a Sierraleonean (Sierra Leone) and a friendly person who love to interact with different people. I came to the Czech Republic to study. I am also a care assistant for Daniela and I enjoyed every bit of time with her.

Nina J. (Finland)

I am Nina and I met Daniela while I was traveling and volunteering around Europe. I am originally from Finland and by the time we met, I had been traveling couple of months in different countries. I arrived to Prague in the beginning of Autumn and I was looking for some kind of part-time job.

Olufemi B. (Nigeria)

My name is Bankole O., I am from Nigeria and I am studying my Masters in Prague. I got to know about Daniela in a job flyer that I saw at Kolej Hostivar and decided to be working for her because I am keenly interested in helping people and I have passion for the job.

Raluca D. (Romania)

I am Raluca and I am Romanian. Traveling to Prague for a few months and seeing Daniela’s announce randomly on the Internet, I spontaneously decided to write to her and schedule a meeting; I had no idea what to expect or if I will see her more than one time…

Ramgopal B. (Bangladesh)

Who are you, where are you from and why are you here in the Czech republic?
This is Ram and I am from Bangladesh, a small country in south Asia. I am here for studying and definitely exploring Europe.