Isidro V. (Chile)

With Daniela, I could get to talk about almost any topic, as well as keep some time to do my own stuff while she did hers. I get the feeling that, with her, it is all about being responsible and respectful. The remaining comes along easily, and as for me, I surely don’t regret any minute I spent at this experience.

Jungin Y. (South Korea)

As for Dani herself, she is super welcoming, brave and very honest. I can talk with her anytime when I need someone to talk. I think Dani is very wise. She is also very intelligent and she knows a lot about books and movies.

Karolina Ł. (Poland)

Thanks to Dani I learned many things about other people and about myself. I became more patient and tolerant. I realized that everything is possible and every time I think I’ve got a problem I think about Dani who showed me how she can live her life no matter how many barriers she had to deal with every day…

Mahboob A. (Pakistan)

Daniela has an awesome personality, she has a very soft voice that you wanna hear again and again. I loved talking with her. She loves to give away gifts made by herself. She shares her experiences. She is an artistic person who loves to draw all the time, her handwriting is fantastic. She is very sensible and humorous. She understood all the jokes, whatever I said she smiled. She is the best therapist, she loves to talk with other people when she feels connected. I like her behavior. Now, I want her to be close to me as a friend forever.

Manuel V. (Belgium + Italy)

Regarding Daniela I would like to say that she is a patient person. If an engraver (myself) can say it, no one can deny it. She is very mature and she deeply cares about all people. Even though many people might think that she simply needs assistants, I would like to say that for most of the time, her real need was actually a fair exchange: I was volunteering and I never felt the need to ask anything from her, because during that time I was learning/growing.

Marija L. (Croatia)

Daniela is very sociable and communicative person – that’s why she is always surrounded with people. I met new people, other assistants, during my time with Daniela: they are interesting and I like them so much. Ultimately, this job is not so demanding as it might seem at first hand. Daniela influenced me: I became more patient and emphatic person. She is a very patient person full of knowledge and understanding. I consider her as a friend and I appreciate our relationship. She has my respect.

Maria P. (Russia)

Daniela je strašně psychicky silná, je velmi moudrá a intelegentní, dobře rozumí lidem. Ráda za ní chodím, mluvím s ní, pozoruju, jak hezky žije svůj život, jak je vděčná za všechno, co dostává a jak hodně pomáhá svému štěstí i sama. Hodně vecí jsem se u ní naučila, myslím si, že jsem se i hodně změnila, pochopila jsem víc život, lidi a samu sebe, za co jsem jí moc vděčná.

Mathilde H. (Demark)

What I did not expect was all the nice conversations we had together about life, society, and how it is to be a citizen living in the Czech Republic. Really Daniela is a very sweet and open person with a lot of knowledge she is happy to share with you.

Miguel M. (Chile)

…all was the opportunity to meet Dani, her strength and perseverance in her life which I consider as really admirable. This kind of situations teach me a lot and I try to learn from them, too…

Nasiru S. (Sierra Leone)

While working with her, we visited so many places in Prague, and I liked it. With Daniela you will never be bored, she will talk with you and she is a good listener. She tries her best to make you feel comfortable around her.