References by my assistants from all over the world

Hello, everybody, no matter what is the country of your origin.
I am a woman in electric wheelchair living in a dormitory flat that has become a cosmopolitan place of international meetings. I had already had 51 people (not counting those more than one-thousand Slovaks and Czech) from 32 countries from all over the world as my personal assistants. References written by some of them speak about their experiences which, I hope, will inspire you to become a part of my assistance team, too. Well, do not hesitate much. Come and join this great community who gives a chance to someone in electric wheelchair to live her life to the fullest.

Alina S. (Ukraine)

Hello everybody, my name is Alina and, as to say, I cannot boast with any big success in my life. I was born in Ukraine, studied at university (journalism), and worked in dozens of different jobs. Now I am living in Warsaw as a freelancer.

Amélie C. (France)

I’m in Eramus in Prague for 10 months to do my first year of Master in teaching French for foreigners. Living in the same dormitory as Daniela, I saw her flyer in the dorm.

Ania W. (Poland)

Meeting Daniela was one of the best experiences in my life. She is one of the most cheerful and powerful persons I know and used to give me part of her spiritual energy to make me happier:)

HaEun K. (South Korea)

Hello everyone. My name is HaEun and I’m from South Korea. I’m a full time student at Charles University. I know Dani since 2014, so it’s been almost two years.

Jungin Y. (South Korea)

I am Jungin from South Korea and I am studying in Prague. I feel happy when I can help people so I have done some kind of volunteer work for over 8 years.

Mahboob A. (Pakistan)

I study at University of Tartu, Estonia, and I came for one semester to Charles University. I found information about Daniela somewhere on the flyer in the dorm. She ran a campaign to advertise her need for assistance. I read that poster and got interested to join her.

Marija L. (Croatia)

It was coincidence that Daniela and I met: I accidentally saw her ad on the Internet.

Maria P. (Russia)

Jmenuji se Maria Panas a jsem zahraniční studentka z Ruska. Už tady žiju dva roky a teď jsem ve druháku oboru fyzioterapie. Inzerát jsem uviděla ve škole a ihned mě to zaujalo. Přemýšlela jsem zkusit si něco podobného.