References by my assistants from all over the world

Hello, everybody, no matter what is the country of your origin.
I am a woman in electric wheelchair living in a dormitory flat that has become a cosmopolitan place of international meetings. I had already had 98 people (not counting those many hundreds of Slovaks and Czech) from 48 countries from all over the world as my personal assistants. References written by some of them speak about their experiences which, I hope, will inspire you to become a part of my assistance team, too. Well, do not hesitate much. Come and join this great community who gives a chance to someone in electric wheelchair to live her life to the fullest.

Alina S. (Ukraine)

This experience of assisting gave me not only a wonderful new acquaintance, not only a lot of emotions, but it helped me to overcome language and psychological barriers and break the empty, illusory fear of the unknown. Now my worldview horizon has become wider and I know for sure that we will meet again.

Amélie C. (France)

As a friend of mine visited her and told me how a nice person Dani was, I decided to meet her. I have never regreted! Every time spent with her is enriching. She is so patient…! It’s a good cooperation. I enjoy when Daniela and I speak about meal, our travels, her drawings, movies, gossip, etc. Dani is a very interesting and funny person and her other assistants are so kind.

Ania W. (Poland)

Meeting Daniela was one of the best experiences in my life. She is one of the most cheerful and powerful persons I know and used to give me part of her spiritual energy to make me happier:)

Bogdan Ș. (Romania)

Daniela’s a well-educated person, with a distinguished culture (I don’t know a lot of people speaking Swedish around here :-) ), always up for a good conversation. She also has an iron will and is a great inspiration for all of us, others. When we think that the troubles we’re facing are serious, spend some time with Daniela and guaranteed, you’ll have much more lighthearted perspective. :-)

Elena G. (Italy)

Daniela passed her strength and determination on to me and she gave me a new vision of life, where little things matter, where little appreciation makes a big difference and where little help changes somebody’s life.

HaEun K. (South Korea)

I really enjoyed conversing with Dani. Being smart and witty, she made me think about lots of things from a different point of view. I liked that. I’ve learned a lot from her.

Héloïse B. (France)

I was very impressed by Daniela’s personality and curious about the way she could handle it all, with the schedule for assistants, as well as studying gender studies and painting. I was also amazed by her patience. In general, people get mad if they have to say things several times. She had no problem with repeating things if needed and she was very kind, saying thank you a lot.

Hubert P. (Poland)

Daniela explained everything to me and she made a great impression on me. I was really impressed how everything is organized and how Daniela is organized.

Ina K. (Germany)

Daniela is a very open-minded person. She respects others and values them in a very authentic and honest way. I have never met someone before who combines these aspects in this enjoyable way. She is very caring about others.