References by my assistants from all over the world

Hello, everybody, no matter what is the country of your origin.
I am a woman in electric wheelchair living in a dormitory flat that has become a cosmopolitan place of international meetings. I had already had 65 people (not counting those more than one-thousand Slovaks and Czech) from 36 countries from all over the world as my personal assistants. References written by some of them speak about their experiences which, I hope, will inspire you to become a part of my assistance team, too. Well, do not hesitate much. Come and join this great community who gives a chance to someone in electric wheelchair to live her life to the fullest.

Alina S. (Ukraine)

Hello everybody, my name is Alina and, as to say, I cannot boast with any big success in my life. I was born in Ukraine, studied at university (journalism), and worked in dozens of different jobs. Now I am living in Warsaw as a freelancer.

Amélie C. (France)

I’m in Eramus in Prague for 10 months to do my first year of Master in teaching French for foreigners. Living in the same dormitory as Daniela, I saw her flyer in the dorm.

Ania W. (Poland)

Meeting Daniela was one of the best experiences in my life. She is one of the most cheerful and powerful persons I know and used to give me part of her spiritual energy to make me happier:)

Bogdan Ș. (Romania)

My name is Bogdan, I’m coming from Romania and I’ve been living for few years in the Czech Republic. Randomly browsing on some Prague expats (or another one?! Cannot remember very well :-) ) Facebook group, I had found Daniela.

HaEun K. (South Korea)

Hello everyone. My name is HaEun and I’m from South Korea. I’m a full time student at Charles University. I know Dani since 2014, so it’s been almost two years.

Héloïse B. (France)

I’m Héloïse, a 23-year old French student, and I was in Prague for a year while I was studying in my third year bachelor degree at the faculty of art at Charles university. I stayed in the same dormitory as Daniela at that time.

Ina K. (Germany)

I am Ina, 25 years old woman studying special education for penalized and disabled people in Germany. I was in the Czech Republic from September 2017 to February 2018 because I really wanted to make some experiences abroad. Erasmus gave me the opportunity for this.

Jungin Y. (South Korea)

I am Jungin from South Korea and I am studying in Prague. I feel happy when I can help people so I have done some kind of volunteer work for over 8 years.