Who are you, where are you from and why have you been in the Czech republic?

I’m Miguel, I’m from Chile, and I was in the Czech Republic because I got a special application visa for one year to visit some country and work there. I decided for the Czech Republic because it ‚s not a typical „tourist country“ though it has really interesting culture. Moreover, it is not expensive to live and travel here. I like it very much.

How had you found Dani?

I was trying to find a job and I found Dani ‚s ad. I was very interested in the experience that I could get there.

Why had you decided to do this kind of service?

Because I had a cousin who had a disability when she was younger. I think my interest was born for this reason.

How long and how often did you visit Dani and how long do you know her?

I do not remember very well but I think that I was working with her for about 15 days or so. But I think we met a lot …

Did you have any expectations or even Fears before you came to her? How had they changed?

Expectations maybe. But I had no respect because of Dani just because of what kind of job I should do. However, when I found out that there was understanding between us, it was very easy for me, hahah!

How would you describe your work at Dani ‚s?

I liked so much to work with Dani but I have to admit that it was difficult in some moments under pressure and, sometimes, I could not understand her because of my poor English.

How would you describe your cooperation?

I felt Dani ‚s treatment with me was very nice. And I felt it in a very reciprocal way. I can say I was very satisfied with our cooperation.

How would you describe her personality, character, etc. to the others?

Woow, I think that Dani ‚s personality is super open and tolerant but always very defined and rational with her speech based on logical things and mixed with creativity. Really interesting and optimistic. She is interesting because her personality is really cultivated, with ideas, plans, tips about life … I do not know … I enjoyed a lot to speak with her about life.

What was the biggest surprise for you when you started with assistance at Dani ‚s?

Hahah, maybe when I started to cook and she had everything really, really organized and separated … hahaha, for me that was really an awesome example for my personal life, hahaha … The rest of jobs was explained in the mail that she had sent me before I started working with her so no other surprise.

Which moments from assistance do you remember most?

Hahahaha, I was waiting for this question … Woow, for me the best moment was when we visit Kuks with her sister and the other guy-assistant … Haha, woow, I needed a day like that! It was like a family day, really !!! With specifics such as the picturesque landscape, the paper guide in Spanish, a special one for me, and the dinner we had together later on … That day was really awesome!

How would you describe your cooperation with other assistants?

Woow, when we went for the trip to Kuks, the assistants helped me a lot because I was very distracted by the landscape … (Haha, considering that I distract very easily …) Beside that, I had not had a lot of chances to share much with other assistance, in general, but I think that they are good people. Even when the assistants were teaching me to work, it was really friendly even though sometimes we did not understand everything for not having the same language.

What was your reason to stop assisting? Would you decide for it one more time if you had a chance to do it?

Hahaha, sorry! My main reason was to stop because I had a return flight ticket to my country to take special souvenirs to my friend Dani, hahaha!

What was the impact of assistance at hers on you? What were its benefits for you?

What can I get from my experience of working as an assistant? I have learned to consider my physical abilities day by day and try to transfer my learning to the rest of people in my social circle, too. I try to integrate – of course, with Empathy and conscience – people with disabilities.

What is your message to those who are thinking about doing assistance at hers?

Woow, I don’t know … Sometimes I think that the people in the Czech Republic and in Europe need more dialogue and humanity. But I think that this is problem all around the world. When you have dialogue, you can feel more empathy. But also vulnerability when you are trying to accept any kind of mistake or critics which can definitely help you in the moments of delivering any human service.

What would you say at the end? : – )

Dani, I hope I gave you much more than two flowers ‚cause you also taught me much more than just few words in English and gave me more experience than visiting Kuks as a family. But more than that all was the opportunity to meet you, your strength and perseverance in your life which I consider as really admirable. This kind of situations teach me a lot and I try to learn from them, too, even though sometimes I feel like an idiot that I can not express myself in English correctly. Taking all the differences, cultural and lingual, into consideration, I think that we were able to build an awesome relationship in short time. Saludos y abrazos! (Greetings and hugs! )


Miguel was 28-years-old when he was staying n Prague for several weeks. He was assisting Dani irregularly in the daytime for 16 hours altogether in the period of about 2 weeks in October 2018.