I’m in Eramus in Prague for 10 months to do my first year of Master in teaching French for foreigners. Living in the same dormitory as Daniela, I saw her flyer in the dorm. As a friend of mine visited her and told me how a nice person Dani was, I decided to meet her. I have never regreted!

I had no experience in personal assistance but I liked the idea to give her some of my free time. And I had in mind that if Daniela and me will explain everything to each other, it will be good. Okay, my English was not so good at the beginning but I took it as opportunity to get improved.

I usually visit Dani once per month. Sometimes more but it depends on my internship, my courses and my travels. Every time spent with her is enriching. She is so patient (even when I make some troubles such as not closing the hot water bottle which I put in her bed properly)! She explains to me everything that she wants me to do and when I have hesitations, I just ask. It’s a good cooperation. I enjoy when Daniela and I speak about meal, our travels, her drawings, movies, gossip, etc. Dani is a very interesting and funny person and her other assistants are so kind.

In June I’ll have to stop visiting her (I’m already sad to think about leaving her) because I will return to France. I will not forget Dani and all that we shared together for sure!

Basically, don’t hesitate to give her some of your time. Dani has a lot to share. And you know, «Seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin» (alone we go faster, together we go farther).


At the time of being a personal assistant, Amélie is a Master degree exchange student of teaching French for foreigners. During the semester of her stay in Prague, she is taking night shifts as Dani’s once or twice a month since November 2017 till May 2018. She was working an average of 20 hours a month.