I study at University of Tartu, Estonia, and I came for one semester to Charles University. I found information about Daniela somewhere on the flyer in the dorm. She ran a campaign to advertise her need for assistance. I read that poster and got interested to join her.

  • Who are you, where are you from and why were you here in the Czech republic?

I am originally from Pakistan, a country which has the second highest peak of the world within its territory, where people love to host and show hospitality by having one the biggest refugee camps, a country full of culture and rich with fertile land. Currently, I study at University of Tartu, Estonia, and as an exchange student I studied one semester in Prague at Charles University. That was the reason I went to Prague.

  • How had you found Daniela?

I found information about Daniela somewhere on the flyer in the dorm. She ran a campaign to advertise her need for assistance. I read that poster and got interested to join her.

  • Why had you decided to do this kind of service?

At first place, I am kind of soft person who doesn’t say no to such social works. She was also paying a small amount to her assistants. And I also found a connection between her and Muniba Mazari, a person from Pakistan who is a model, artist and motivational speaker. She has the same disability because of the serious accident in 2007. I saw her in one of the TV programmes which I also attended in Pakistan. I wanted to help her, but she didn’t need that as she is known as Iron lady in Pakistan and quite able to do all by herself. These all events made me join Daniela.

  • How long and how often did you visit Dani and how long do you know her?

I was visiting Daniela once or twice a week. I mostly went there on weekends as it was convenient for me when I studied during the weekdays. It was fun being with her. I continued doing that for three months until the last day I spent in Prague.

  • Did you have any expectations or even fears and how had they changed or were affirmed? Or, how do you see those fears and expectations from today’s perspective?

I didn’t expect anything from her but as I spent some time with her it made me feel a relation of being a friend with her. She is very sensible and humorous. She understood all the jokes, whatever I said she smiled. Now, I want her to be close to me as a friend forever.

  • How would you describe your work at hers?

It is very easy to work with her, I enjoyed my time, it was a kind of recreation time which I spent with her. She is awesome. All that I did there was fun: making food, talking to her and many other activities.

  • How would you describe your cooperation? Were you satisfied with it?

Yes, I was satisfied with our cooperation. She is the best therapist, she loves to talk with other people when she feels connected. I like her behavior.

  • How would you describe her personality, character, etc. to the others?

Daniela has an awesome personality, she has a very soft voice that you wanna hear again and again. I loved talking with her. She loves to give away gifts made by herself. She shares her experiences. She is an artistic person who loves to draw all the time, her handwriting is fantastic.

  • What was the biggest surprise for you when you started with assistance at mine. Or which aspect of reality varied most from your expectations?

I didn’t expect anything, but for me biggest surprise was that she is always smiling. I felt sometimes what is the source of her energy which keeps her at that level all the time. She is focused and follow the schedule that is the nicest thing about her.

  • Which moments from assistance do you remember most? Which had some impact on you or which you will never forget?

I remember that she asked me to join her on New Years Eve. She prepared a lot of food and we shared some drinks. I loved the moment when I met her friend who was assisting her that night. I liked their friendship and the relation they had with each other. I would like to have such a person in my life.

  • How would you describe your cooperation with other assistants?

I like to see and meet other people. It was a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to many other people of different nationalities.

  • What was your reason to stop assisting?

I was there in Prague just for one semester so I had to come back for completion of my degree.

  • What was the impact of assistance at Daniela’s on you? What were its benefits for you?

I liked it being there with her and, hopefully, I found very special people just because of Daniela. Now I feel she knows me and I understand her a bit.

  • What would you tell those who are thinking about doing assistance at hers?

I would strongly recommend to go there and enjoy some time with her. She is an incredible person.

  • Can you write something in your original language and translate it? :)

I would like to write ‘‘You are the great person“ in Urdu which is our national language in Pakistan: تم عظیم شخص ہو


Mahboob was a Master degree exchange student of chemistry at the time of doing assistance. He was assisting for one semester while being in Prague since October 2017 till February 2018. He was attending Daniela at the daytime, usually at weekends. After leaving Prague, he help Daniela to organize her trip with assistants to Estonia where he studied. They could meet again and enjoy one week together there. They are keeping in touch and their friendship lasts till these days.