I am Jungin from South Korea and I am studying in Prague. I feel happy when I can help people so I have done some kind of volunteer work for over 8 years.

I met Dani through my friend and I have visited her for 3 years. I cook for her, help her to go to toilet or do laundry – these are just very easy and simple things which you have to do everyday at home. I also meet other assistants at her place and even if I don’t know much about them because there is only limited time to talk, I think most of those people are very nice and friendly.

As for Dani herself, she is super welcoming, brave and very honest. I can talk with her anytime when I need someone to talk. I think Dani is very wise. She is also very intelligent and she knows a lot about books and movies. It was fun to talk about movies. And she is vegetarian, so she knows good food and good products for woman but she also knows a lot about nature. We share those info and experience which is quite important for me, too.

I just want to tell everyone: don’t be afraid to visit her – just come, see and make new friends.

다니엘라 고마워요! 언제나 건강하길! (Thank you, Dani, stay always healthy.)


Jungin started to be interested in assistance for Dani as a student of economy in December 2014. Since that time, she was assisting in various periods ranging from several times per week to not seeing her for several months when she was abroad. However, even if Jungin had stopped assisting for some time, she has always returned back to it. She is currently working in an international company, however, she keeps in touch and tries to support Dani if she can.