During the last 16 years I have already trained around one-thousand people from Slovakia and the Czech Republic as (my) personal assistants. Besides, I have also trained 87 people from 45 other countries from all over the world (and, subsequently, 72 out of them from 40 countries decided to be my personal assistants). I welcome people from any part of the world so do not hesitate to add to the list. :-)

Beside the Czech Republic and my home country, Slovakia, I have already had assistants from Afghanistan (1 man), Argentina (1 man),  Bangladesh (2 men), Belarus (1 woman), Belgium (1 man), Brazil (2 men), Bulgaria (1 woman), Chile (1 man), China (1 woman), Colombia (1 woman), Croatia (1 woman), Denmark (1 woman), Egypt (1 man + 1 woman), Finland (1 woman), France (3 women),  Germany (2 women and 1 man), Great Britain (1 woman), India (1 man + 1 woman), Irak (1 man), Iran (1 man), Israel (1 woman), Italy (2 women and 1 man), Kazakhstan (2 women), Mexico (2 women), Nepal (1 man), Nigeria (1 man), Pakistan (2 men), Peru (1 man), Poland (2 women + 1 man), Portugal (1 woman), Romania (1 man and 3 women), Russia (5 women and 1 man), Sierra Leone (1 man), Slovenia (1 woman), South Korea (2 women), Spain (1 man),  Syria (3 men), Turkey (1 woman), Ukraine (4 women), U.S.A. (1 man), and Uzbekistan (1 woman).

Some others came from a mixed cultural background such as Slovak-Czech (1 man and 1 woman, at least), Slovak-Syrian (1 man), Czech-Syrian (1 man), Czech-Polish (1 woman), half Czech having other parent from some African country (1 man), Afghan born and raised in Germany (1 woman) or Flemish Belgian born and raised in Italy (1 man).

Besides, there were also people from abroad who had finally not started to assist for various reasons though they were trained by me to do it. Those people came from Austria (1 woman), Chile (1 woman), Great Britain (1 man), France (1 woman), Iran (1 woman), Italy (1 man), Kenya (1 man), Morocco (1 woman), Nigeria (1 man), Pakistan (1 man), South Korea (1 man), Srí Lanka (1 man), Turkey (1 woman), Ukraine (1 woman), and Zimbabwe (1 woman). Occasional or urgent help in the field of personal assistance was offered to me by people from Belgium, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Some of my long-term assistants, mainly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, that were trained by me left me finally to have a carrier of personal assistants abroad. They work(ed) successfully in Austria (1 woman) and Great Britain (3 men and 2 women).

I have experience not only with people from various cultural backgrounds but also religions. There are/were not just assistants who profess atheism or Christianity of various denominations (including Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jehova’s Witnesses or various African Christians) but also Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism or Judaism. Besides, some claimed their Jewish background though they did not follow Judaism, in fact. All of them regardless their race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation belong/ed to the team of my assistants.