I am a Sierraleonean (Sierra Leone) and a friendly person who love to interact with different people. I came to the Czech Republic to study. I am also a care assistant for Daniela and I enjoyed every bit of time with her.

I came to know about Daniela through a friend whom we studied together at Marianske Lazne. She made me really loved to meet with Daniela.

I have been doing health care work for few years and I love it. I enjoy giving my service to people who really need and appreciate my support. With Daniela I felt I was doing a voluntary work, because I never thought of how much was paid. I simply love to help people who are less able to do things as they would like.

I have known her now for about two years. My visits to her were consecutive. I visited her three times a week. Before I started visiting Daniela, I received so much information about her from a friend, so I already knew what can be expected. Nothing surprised me about her and I supported her with ease.

The work to me was basically like careering for a family member who needs someone. She allowed me to perform my duties conveniently. I have never noticed a racist or a prejudice characters in her. She is the kind of person who will explain things to you whenever you ask.

It was comfortable working with other assistants, especially when the need arise to swap shifts and I had a cordial relation with them.

Time does not permit me any longer to continue with assisting Daniela, because of school and other personal reasons.

While working with her, we visited so many places in Prague, and I liked it. With Daniela you will never be bored, she will talk with you and she is a good listener. She tries her best to make you feel comfortable around her.