At the time I was working with Daniela I was living in Hostivař dormitory and studying at Charles University in Prague for one semester. When I saw the job flyer in the lobby i decided to give her a call because I thought it would be a good way to get to know Czech people and culture a little better.

I expected to get to know Daniela and to see where and how she lived and to help her of course with some practical things as it had said in the job description. However what I did not expect was all the nice conversations we had together about life, society, and how it is to be a citizen living in the Czech Republic. Really Daniela is a very sweet and open person with a lot of knowledge she is happy to share with you.

Another thing that was a positive surprise for me was that I got to meet the other assistants, since the shifts are arranged so that they overlap by 15 minutes which gives you a chance to settle down and relax a little and chat with the other assistant and Daniela before your shift begins. This was very nice for me since I like meeting new people and when you are an exchange student in a foreign country it can be difficult to get in touch with people on your own.

I would definitely recommend the assistant job. Both for those who wishes to put a lot of hours into it and for those who only have the time to visit her a few times.

There is also a good option for studying while staying with Daniela since she will also be working a lot of the time. As a final remark in Danish: Spring ud i det! In English its jump out in it, and means that you should just pick up your phone and call Daniela right now.


As an exchange student of International Studies staying for one semester in Prague, Mathilde was assisting Daniela during December 2014 and January 2015. She was attending Dani for about 4 hours during the day.