It was coincidence that Daniela and I met: I accidentally saw her ad on the Internet. At that time, I was doing an Erasmus+ internship in Prague, intending to stay in the Czech Republic only for a few months. I contacted her but I must admit that I was afraid before we met for the first time: I had no experience in personal assistance before, I wasn’t familiar with Daniela’s lifestyle, I only saw her picture and I didn’t know who she was, I didn’t know what to expect…

However, after the first meeting, I felt very good: Daniela was very kind and understanding. She explained everything in the simplest manner and I was familiar with what was expected from me. Daniela was very detailed and practical – she made me feel safe and confident and it was a lot easier to come for the second time.

Since then, we experienced a lot together. We watched film together, cooked some tasty and healthy meals, visited interesting places in Prague… We also celebrated New Year’s Eve together with some other assistants. It was really interesting and funny: what supposed to be a small party for several people turn into a room crowded with bunch of an interesting unknown people! Daniela is very sociable and communicative person – that’s why she is always surrounded with people. I met new people, other assistants, during my time with Daniela: they are interesting and I like them so much. Daniela is also very generous person. She even gave me a flower for Valentine’s day! I was so suprised – it made my day!

Meanwhile, I learned a lot about how to be a personal assistant, but also about life in general. I learned about interesting films, about foreign countries and healthy recipes. Also, I perfected my knowledge of the English language with her. Ultimately, this job is not so demanding as it might seem at first hand. Daniela influenced me: I became more patient and emphatic person. She is a very patient person full of knowledge and understanding. I consider her as a friend and I appreciate our relationship. She has my respect. I’m so glad that I met Daniela. I wish more people had such a nice experience in their life! For those who are considering to become a personal assistant, I have this message: Go for it! Samo naprijed! Doživjet ćete vrijedno iskustvo!


Marija was assisting to Dani in both day and night time since October 2015 till January 2018. At the beginning, when she was helping teacher with pupils at school, she was assisting for many hours per week. Later on she become a teacher of English by herself which led to reducing of her shifts. Marija and Dani become close friends celebrating birthday or New Year’s Eve together and spending Easter at Dani’s in Slovakia. After several years, Marija left Prague and she is living in Germany now.