Hello everyone. My name is HaEun and I’m from South Korea. I’m a full time student at Charles University. I know Dani since 2014, so it’s been almost two years. I met her through a friend who was already assisting her. He told me about her and the work I could do for her. I was living in Hostivař dormitory where Dani lives, too, so I thought it would be cool to meet her and become friends. However, I was also hesitating to help her because I was not sure if I could be of proper assistance and could take on this responsibility. But: I made up my mind after meeting her for the very first time!

At our first meeting, she told me about herself and the things I could be doing for her. She came across as a very organized person with a positive view about a life. She told me that I wouldn’t need to feel too heavily committed about coming to volunteer. I could adjust the schedule flexibly depending on my availability. Besides, I really enjoyed conversing with her. Being smart and witty, she made me think about lots of things from a different point of view. I liked that. I’ve learned a lot from her. She is also a kind and calm person. I’ve been enjoying my time with her.

The things she suggested me to do were common things that can be done with not too much effort. When I visit her, I sometimes prepare lunch for her or clean the house. I sometimes assist her with going to the restroom or dressing up to go out together. I was not proficient at first, but she taught me many things patiently step by step. Also, there were always other assistants around at the beginning and the end of the shifts. So you can cooperate with or learn from them. We would sometimes also use these moments to combine our workforce – and (with some) even become friends, too.

I warmly recommend you to meet her, as it is really the best way to get a meaningful impression of each other! I’m pretty sure that you’ll be happy to be friends with her once you’ve met her.

봉사활동 경험이 없는 분이라도 다니와 만나보시길 추천해드리고 싶습니다. 알면 알수록 좋은 친구이기때문에 분명 좋은 경험과 추억이 생길거라 생각합니다.



While being a student of economy, HaEun assisted to Daniela for a period of 3 and half of a year since December 2014. She was taking almost exclusively morning shifts of about 4-5 hours attending Daniela approximately once per week.