I get to know her completely by accident as I have lived in the same dormitory as she does. At the beginning I didn’t know she lived just 2 floors below me till I have seen advertisement asking for personal help. I think it was normal instinct – there was someone in the same house who needed help – so I went there and I tried to help.

When I started to visit Daniela, my life changed as well. I felt better. However, sometimes it was difficult, too. I will not describe the kind of dificulties we have had together with Dani. It was mostly technical… Daniela is such a bright person that there are no difficulties that could overwhelm us. During the time I have learned a lot – about the people in general. I couldn’t imagine what kind of problems people have to fight when they are disabled. It is useful for me as a doctor (I am a doctor now). I have learned more empathy and sympathy and maybe I am a little bit more patient.

It was beautiful time for me but I had to go home – Poland – and that is why I stopped doing assistance. However, I still visit Dani and she is visiting me as well. Our friendship lasts and this is wonderful, too.

Dani is surrounded by people who see more than their own egoistic horizont. Do you want to be part of this team? It is your own decision.